Beermaster brewery More
Innovative brewery is an experimental brewery that unites a community of people who wish to create non-traditional sorts of beer. We keep up with the time, creating tasty and not ordinary crafts beer from the most qualified initial products.
We have reached our purpose acquiring modern experimental and innovational brewery we have dreamt about. Brewery where all our passion as well as part and parcel of our soul has been put. It has been projected flawlessly and maintained due to the well-coordinated labor of all the team of BEERMASTER BREWERY.
As a result of the persistent creative search and acquisition of the oldest recipes, we succeeded in running traditional local Beltsy beer for the welfare of the wide public. We use only selected malt, the best sorts of noble hop, top-quality pretreated water in compliance with German standards of quality, a special yeast strain Weihenstephan imported directly from Munchen to ensure the highest quality.